Good and Bad Packaging Design

This isn’t necessarily a badly designed label but it isn’t good. A generic asymmetric label layout and colors that dont stand out from the competition.

Boring. Plain. Bad colors. Uninteresting layout.

This package is successful in the sense that it would most likely draw the attention of its young, sugar enraged audience but their innocent and untrained eyes don’t pick up on its undistinguishable mash of brown text and images that doesn’t respect any hierarchy.

A cluttered foreground/background relationship mixed with an ugly and too colorful typeface grab your attention in a negative way. Potato sticks? No thanks.

On a shelf of classy and sophisticated olive oil labels this one stuck out like a sore thumb with bright colors and the irregular clear label that gives it an attention getting contrast.

The easy to read, see and understand color coded labels add a level of simplicity to these wine bottles that give it some originality in a market with high competition.

I hate miracle whip. However, the design of the label is very clever and makes for an interesting eye catching composition using minimal elements and few colors.

I had seen these coffee bags before featured on design websites for being good and they look good on the shelf too. Again, easy to navigate color coding with a simple contemporary/modern look.

The design on these bags are very clean and are read easily. A pleasing layout and a successful hierarchy to inform a consumer make for a great design. The bags were made out of a recycled material.


Alfred Hitchcock Films

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I chose to do classic Alfred Hitchcock films as the theme for my movie festival. Hitchcock films are easily recognizable and have a distinct style and feel that will require a style of design that is different from my ordinary style and out of my comfort zone. Maintaining the classic look is my goal in hopes of expanding my capabilities and experimenting with new techniques to combine and create a modern day visual reinterpretation of the classic style. The title of my movie festival is still under construction.