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Packaging Project One Thumbnails


8 responses to “Packaging Project One Thumbnails

  1. mrkdesign

    Good job on the sketches, detailed but simple. I would explore packaging other than a bag or a pouch.

  2. i think the play on his face would be a nice design to go for. its different from the rest.

    i also like where you are going in the second photo left side.

    both look like good ideas.

  3. pvanessa

    Good ideas. I would keep the planter’s nut guy in the design. I think the hemp sack is a great idea and stands out from the normal bag packaging.

  4. James Phuong ⋅

    I like where you’re heading with the transparent peanut packaging, which is the fourth one I believe. That packaging would stand out to me most if I were to see it on the shelf over the other sketches, and I think the sack of peanuts has potential too.

  5. Abby ⋅

    I like the hemp sack idea the most. And I also agree with everyone else that you should keep the peanut face on the packaging, but perhaps stylize it a bit differently than what’s currently out there.

  6. The sack has a lot of potential. It would be great if you incorporated the big peanut on it, perhaps the label could be the shape of a peanut.

  7. mayra ⋅

    I really like the transparent bag, it would be nice if you incorporated that to the plastic/paper bag on the second page, maybe so we can see the peanuts, good sketches and concepts overall.

  8. Wai Lam

    Love the 3rd design that is a plastic pouch. Best way to transport around, rather than having it in an expensive glass. Also, you can open and seal it, which would be great for camping.

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