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GD III Project 4 Final Logos


7 responses to “GD III Project 4 Final Logos

  1. Leah ⋅

    “Culture” is spelled incorrectly in the main logo, but other than that, nicely done. Love the tagline! Interesting how you played off on the reoccurring symbols found in this country. I feel like you could lockup “Korea” with the three sublogo city names

  2. Ivetta ⋅

    Overall it looks nice i love the choice of colors. i don’t like the type face you could try to find something more delicate.

  3. Eric Dahan ⋅

    Really like these logos. I really like the minimalistic approach you took. Overall good concept!

  4. jon ⋅

    I think you have one of the more unique styles going on with your logos. Nice type selection as well.

  5. Very sick, great approach, nice use of colors and typography. Great job man, turned out great and looks like it could be a interactive logo as well. say on a iphone or something

  6. franie02

    This is great! It’s not something i would assume for “korea” but its different and really stands out. Excellent job on everything! 🙂

  7. joe ⋅

    very well done. typo and spacing within that tagline needs to be addressed. overall its close.
    Does the KOREA need to hang from the right alignment? could it be flush right with the type above it?
    or perhaps flush right?

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